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IIS-Aid is a website which is 100% owned and operated by five time Microsoft IIS MVP Dominic Ryan, and dedicated to discussing and supporting all things IIS with a focus on open source intergration. IIS stands for Internet Information Services, and is a very popular web server platform developed by Microsoft. In fact the webserver used to serve the very content you are looking at now is IIS.

On this site you'll find everything from IIS related news, to How-To Guides, Performance Testing, Software Reviews, and even support forums should you need more personalised assistance. By far the biggest jewel in the IIS Aid crown is the IIS Aid PHP Installer which is a free software package specifically developed for installing the popular PHP scripting language on IIS. I have been using PHP on IIS for several years, and have now put that knowledge into this installer to enable users to quickly and easily deploy a fast, scalable and secure PHP environment. Whatever your IIS requirements though, I hope we are able to be of assistance to you.

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