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Install and configure Cacti on IIS40214910 years 5 days ago
Where php.ini is loaded from39043100%510 years 13 weeks ago
Enabling PHP PECL extensions for Windows35726100%010 years 27 weeks ago
Backing up MySQL automatically using a batch file33754100%2510 years 22 weeks ago
Enabling IIS 6 native HTTP compression for PHP32214100%712 years 25 weeks ago
Backing up and Restoring your IIS 6 Metabase3146260%012 years 25 weeks ago
Using Drupal with Microsoft URL Rewrite Module for IIS 726998100%29 years 33 weeks ago
Creating rules with HmailServer26384100%29 years 46 weeks ago
PHP on 64 bit Windows25919100%69 years 19 weeks ago
Blocking referrer spam on IIS with ISAPI Rewrite25166100%211 years 2 weeks ago
Setting per directory PHP configuration values2329380%810 years 12 weeks ago