Apache market share falls below 50 percent for the first time in 10 years


At the end of 2005 the web hosting world was well and truly dominated by the Apache web server which at the time had around 75% of the market share. However since the start of 2006 there has been a strong and steady decline in that market share and according to the October Web Server Servey by Netcraft the Apache market share has fallen to 47.73%, which is the first time it has been below 50% since the late nineties.

The market share gap between IIS and Apache is now around 10% which is the smallest amount since IIS was first launched back in 1996. At the rate this gap is currently closing IIS could take the market share lead as early as late in the first quarter next year, and with IIS7 about to be released Microsoft still have a few aces up their sleeve.

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