A change of direction for IIS Aid


It is hard to believe that it is almost 10 years since I launched my first PHP/MySQL website called IT Headquarters on top of IIS, and almost 7 years since I re-launched my site as IIS Aid which prevails today. During this time of building IIS Aid with the aim of being a strong technical content source, I found that supplying IIS related consulting services popped up as an unexpected by-product. And it is this direction that I'll be looking to steer IIS Aid in the near future.

In the very near future, IIS Aid will move from being a technical content provider to being a Hyper-V 2012 based VPS hosting provider and consultant. I of course will still be writing technical content from time to time, however it will no longer be the primary focus of the website. I feel this is a very positive evolution of the site as the bulk of my experience over the past 5 years has been working with virtualisation for major banks, large enterprise and government. It is this experience I now look to bring to my own offerings here on IIS Aid.

I'm still mapping out the new site, however I will try to keep most of the relevant article content if I can and upgrade the popular articles which are now getting dated. Still an enormous amount of work to do, but am certainly very driven now to get IIS Aid to this next level.

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