IIS Aid PHP Installer RC1 Released


I am very pleased to announce the immediate release of the first release candidate of the IIS Aid PHP Installer. Both myself and Dan Fuhry (creator of Enano CMS) have put in a pretty massive effort on hunting down and fixing all the major bugs across every supported version of Windows, both x86 and x64. I am now at a stage where I believe that all the major bugs have been ironed out, and are ready to release the installer to the public.

Get it HERE!

All that said, the work is not over, and this is where you come in. All testing to date has so far been done on clean installs of Windows, so I'd love to hear about any installation issues when using this installer on a system where PHP already exists. I'm particlualry interested in hearing from people who have used this installer (successfully or not) when they have previously attempted to install PHP on their system. Several steps have been taken to try and ensure this installer works pretty much regardless of the system it is being installed on, and I'd very much like to get feedback on this.

One word of warning to people looking to use the 64-bit version. While the 64-bit installer has worked in every situation it has been tested in, I have had some issues getting popular PHP apps to run in certain circumstances due to PHP crashes. These crashes are NOT due to the installer, but rather the PHP binaries. The IIS Aid PHP Installer uses the 64-bit PHP binaries available from the Fusion-X Lan project as PHP as yet do not officially offer 64-bit binaries for download. Please leave feedback here or on the Fusion-X Lan forums if you are having issues running PHP apps using the 64-bit version as this is something I'd like to bring focus to.

Finally, thanks for reading and I sincerly hope that using the IIS Aid PHP Installer works out for you.

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Thanks so much!

I was having a bear of a time getting newer versions of PHP working on IIS 5.1 -- tried nearly every version on php.net, both manual and installer versions. The installer versions errored out at the end of install and the manual configurations only gave me hex error codes when rendering a "Hello World" php page.

Tried your installer, ran it, and was up and running with PHP within a few minutes -- you guys are a lifesaver! :)

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Glad it worked for you, and

Glad it worked for you, and thanks for the feedback! Especially pleasing to hear that it worked after you had tried using other methods, which would indicate some of the environment checking built in work.

Dominic Ryan
4 x Microsoft IIS MVP, MCSE, MCSA
IIS Aid owner/webmaster