Looking back on PHP on IIS


Just finished reading over an interesting blog post by Brian Swan about reflecting on PHP-Microsoft Interoperability on IIS. It is a good read and a quite an accomplishment to see how PHP has matured as a platform on IIS. Certainly the release of the FastCGI and WinCache modules stand out to me as really pivotal milestones to date.

Perhaps one little omission on Brian's behalf though in that he only mentions CGI as being available prior to the release of the Microsoft FastCGI module in 2006. This is not actually correct as Shane Caraveo who was one of the true pioneers of PHP on IIS in reality had a working version of the PHP ISAPI module on IIS way back in the late 90's in PHP 3. This later went on to be introduced into the PHP core in PHP 4 and was in use through to PHP 5.2 where the PHP ISAPI module was retired. Not only that Shane also developed the first dedicated PHP FastCGI module for IIS back in early 2002 which I used myself for years until migrating to PHP 5. If you're interested in reading more about Shane Caraveo, then feel free to have a read of this interview I did with him a few years ago regarding PHP, FastCGI and IIS.

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