Performance Analysis Of 4 Xoops Article Modules


Content management systems such as Xoops have changed the face of how we manage our web (and other) content of recent years. As a result of these new open source, freely available management systems, supported by large online communities along with downloadable extras such as themes, templates and modules, it has never been easier to create and maintain your very own personalised web presence. The end user is now empowered to do with an annual cost as low as $100 what just a few years ago would have required a very fat wallet for a commercial product.

However, this can be a dangerous mix as the average user of these management systems are rarely technically minded, and the primary, and frequently only concern is to create the look and feel they desire for their website(s). With themes this usually means picking them on how they look, and rarely taking into consideration wether they are standards compliant (W3C CSS and XHTML), cross browser compatible, or geared towards performance to accommodate for low bandwidth users. With modules more often than not it is the feature set (what the module can do) that is highest on the list, and rarely is module performance given much consideration. The use of modules that use excessive amounts of server resources can lead to ugly confrontations with your web hosting provider, and quite often suspended or even cancelled accounts. I know all of the above because I have been there myself, and once also only every looked skin deep to find the solution I was after.

One of the most important functions of a CMS such as Xoops is to manage content, so it is of little surprise that some of the most popular modules for Xoops are based around providing this functionality. The purpose of this article is to analyse the performance and scalability of four of these modules that are still actively being developed over a range of different hardware, and is the largest single performance analysis ever made for any Xoops module containing nearly 3200 individual pieces of data. The modules analysed in this article are News 1.2.1, WF-Section 2.07 Beta, Articles 0.17, and the new AMS module which is to be released at the end of November. This article is of great relevance for all those using shared hosting services and/or those with high traffic sites. So with that, let's get into it.


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Re: Performance Analysis Of 4 Xoops Article Modules

I think in fairness to you article I would like to show some screenshots of the most recent

WF-Section Screenshots

As you can see from the shots, we have not only brought down the amount of query used for each section (Please note that not all the queries are used by WF-Section) but this amount will not change with the amount of articles with the database.

You may also note the amount of time it takes to render all the pages shown, you will see that this will take a load of the server compared to the beta version that you are using in the tests.


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Re: Performance Analysis Of 4 Xoops Article Modules

Nice one Scott, looking forward to seeing the new version and updating the article with the new results :-) .

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good work

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Excellent Article

It'd be great to see these tests repeated on a new install of xoops 2.3.1 (latest release) and with the latest versions of the modules.