Performance Analysis Of 4 Xoops Article Modules



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Low End Server

Mid Level Server

High End Server

What we see above;

  • AMS is neck and neck with the News module finishing equal second.
  • The Articles module has the quickest execution time by the narrowest of margins in front of the AMS and News modules.
  • The News module finishes equal second with AMS.
  • WF-Section becomes unusable very quickly, and has an execution time of over 5 seconds by test 2 on the low end server, and by test 10 the execution time is just shy of 3 minutes. Here again though execution times drop dramatically as server power increases.

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    Re: Performance Analysis Of 4 Xoops Article Modules

    I think in fairness to you article I would like to show some screenshots of the most recent

    WF-Section Screenshots

    As you can see from the shots, we have not only brought down the amount of query used for each section (Please note that not all the queries are used by WF-Section) but this amount will not change with the amount of articles with the database.

    You may also note the amount of time it takes to render all the pages shown, you will see that this will take a load of the server compared to the beta version that you are using in the tests.


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    Re: Performance Analysis Of 4 Xoops Article Modules

    Nice one Scott, looking forward to seeing the new version and updating the article with the new results :-) .

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    good work

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    Excellent Article

    It'd be great to see these tests repeated on a new install of xoops 2.3.1 (latest release) and with the latest versions of the modules.