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I was wondering if you could help me with an issue I am having. I have been working on this for a few weeks and had used your instalation guides for MySQL and PHP 5.0 and they worked out wonderfully. However I'm having other issues that desperately need to be solved and I was wondering if you would have any insight.

I have successfully installed Wordpress a number of times but I keep getting some weird issues. These are all on the same server and all running in the same IIS.

At this site I successfully install and I can log into the admin and mess around with the settings. However, after I log out it no longer works at all. I can reinstall in the same place and it works fine http://www.classiccarmonster.com/carshow/index.php Install page says there's no database now when it worked 30 minutes ago. http://www.classiccarmonster.com/carshow/wp-admin/install.php

On this one I have installed successfully and all seems to go well into I try to log in and I get nothing. After that I CAN access the index page but that's it...

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Brashquido said:

Off the top of my head I would say it is a session andd/or cookie issue. Clear all your browser cookies and try logging in again, and also ensure that your IIS user account has NTFS write permissions to your PHP session directory.
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Anonymous said:

I was able to solve this by uninstalling and reinstalling PhP5 and MySQL. It took several hours to get it all configured right but we were able to fix this. However, I am now having an issue to where only computers within the network can see the site:

This is odd because all our other sites work just fine and they use PhP too (www.motorcyclemonster.com). It's actually pretty much the same code just a modified CSS and a slightly more complex includes system.