MySql not detected in RoundCube Mail-installer


(fyi I'm a bit "neewbie" on this topic)

I've recently installed (following this site's guide) MySql, PHP on my Windows Server 2008 r2.
This is to use RoundCube mail towards hMailServer.

I've removed the ";" in front of the extension for mysql in the ini-file.
Have created a own database and user for roundcube-mail through MySql console, also added privilegies between those.

When I launch the installer for RoundCube mail, it doesnt find that MySql are installed..
Is it a extension-error, or config-error in Windows?

(btw, in the guide Enabling PHP PECL extensions for Windows, you show to site PECL4WIN. This site is no longer in function, and im not able to get the extension-pack)

Help in this matter is most appriciated.

Best regards
Knut Arne

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arnrist said:

Okey, can close this one.

Solution: After a reboot of my entire Windows Server, finally MySQL were mapped for PHP.