PHP Error 500 on a Wordpress blog

I'm having some troubles with my Windows Server 2008 setup.

This server will be used for running my Wordpress blog since i grew tired of semi-functioning webhosts.

The problem that I'm having is that i get an error 500 when I activate this perticular addon for the blog (PRO Player, a video player).

If I don't activate this perticular addon it's all fine. I've tried with different permissions, but no difference so far.

This is really my last hope.
Any ideas?

Hopefully these links will work when you try them. I might have to take the server down some nights.
The path for the blog:

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dencre said:

Nevermind! I fixed it.

MYSQL was set to STRICE MODE :)

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Brashquido said:

Nice work. Not as common now as it used to be, but MySQL strict mode can bring a lot of web apps unstuck which is why I recommend turning it off in my MySQL install guide.

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