feature request and some issue

i have tried IIS-Aid PHP installer few days ago and found it really usefull, but something missing in initial config

1. please activate mssql.dll on initial setup since most people that use IIS will probably use MSSQL
2. add "temp" and "session" folder and modify setting on php.ini to suit this new location, so we don't have to configure it at start

also i found this error :
"PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 00C732F7"

when tried to run simple database query (connect to MSSQL), and i read the problem was because temp and session folder didn't set

thanks for great utilities, really save a lot our time,

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Brashquido said:

Hi Dels,

Thanks for the feedback. Temp, session and log directories should be created, can you double check that at all? I'll ensure that the mssql.dll extension is loaded by default for the next version which should be when I get back home in about 4 weeks. Not sure what might have caused that PHP error. Is there anything in your PHP log?