I've decided to go for 215/210 instead of 217.Any sites that you know with live free questions? I've been practicing at and i get daily question from and i must say that the questions have been helpful i've learned a lot of things from their explanations and they also add on other things that are not on the Sybex Guides that i'm using i'm also using the N+ Guide.Please refer me to other sites that might be helpful.Thanx

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Probably not a bad decision there sibusisom. I only suggest you don't jump straight to the practice exam stage as one of the key things to preparing yourself for taking exams, especially when doing self study is not to rush yourself. To do otherwise is to set yourself up for almost garanteed failure. It took me nearly 12 months to complete my MCSE, which is not to suggest it'll take you a similar length of time. But this does illistrate there is a big difference between studying to pass the exams, such as the MCSE in 20 days style of approach, and studying to know the material. The former of these methods leads to becoming what is known as a "paper MCSE", meaning that although you may well have a certificate to say you're MCSE, you do not have the product knowledge that should accompany it.

As daunting as the task might be, reading text books is an essential part of preparing yourself for exams. I always found that text books that used labs at the end of each section where you actually had to apply your newly acquired knowledge to be the best, such as the Sybex and Microsoft Press books. Although the time I had available to study varied with each exam, I always structure my study plan loosely around the following template;

1 - Read exam preperation text book.

2 - Setup a test network (1xclient, 2xserver is a good setup) and practice applying learnt knowledge to it.

3 - Brief revision of subject matter to refresh memory.

4 - Take practice exam in exam conditions (I found both Transcender and MeasureUp to be very good). The key is not to over expose yourself to practice questions so as not to remember the question instead of the material.

5 - Revise in detail areas of weakness identified by practice tests.

6 - Retake practice exams. If there are still areas of significant weakness, go back to step 5 until resloved.

7 - Once you feel confident, book yourself in at a testing center and take the exam knowing you have knowledge of the material to pass the exam, not knowledge of the exam itself.

Anyway, rant is over :-D , if your looking for study resources I suggest you check out the 70-210 and 70-215 pages at

70-210 ->

70-215 ->