Sensible I'm 2nd time.


I passed 70-224 exam on 2nd try. I was new and didn't understand the relevant resources and bought Prep Logic study material, its vague, unnecessary explanation diverted me from actual exam topics. If you study the study guide from the cram session is very good, and ucertify exam simulation has to the point questions. MS press book is good i think, i never used it but for my next exam 227 i'll definetilly buy it.

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Brashquido said:

Nice going Burt :-). I know it can really knock you about when you fail an exam. I failed the 70-216 back in 2001 by just a few questions and it rattled me a little bit, let alone all that money I just lost taking the exam. I felt better though when I read an article that said that the 70-216 at the time only had a pass rate of 16%. Good luck with the 227 :-)