IIS Aid PHP Installer


The IIS Aid PHP Installer is a PHP installation package designed specifically for IIS using ISAPI or the new Microsoft FastCGI extension that enables you to setup your PHP environment with maximum performance, scalability and security, but with minimal fuss. It is also currently the only PHP installer offering 32 and 64 bit builds supporting IIS 5, 5.1, 6 and IIS 7. Best of all it is totally FREE!

The specifics of the IIS Aid PHP Installer are;

  • Support for IIS 5.x, 6 and 7
  • PHP 5.2.9-2 (PHP 5.2.5 for 64 bit)
  • Microsoft FastCGI mapping in IIS for the ultimate in scalability and stability
  • Use of APC Opcode caching system when ISAPI PHP mapping is used for vast increases in performance
  • Only installer offering 64-bit builds of PHP binaries
  • Tweaked php.ini for security and further performance
  • Wide selection of PECL extensions included in install
  • PEAR library pre installed
  • Sessions support
  • File upload support
  • Setup of all environment variables
  • PHP Logging
Please post all bug reports, feature requests and support requests for the IIS Aid PHP installer in the forums.

IIS-Aid_PHP_Installer_x64_RC1.exe8.35 MB
IIS-Aid_PHP_Installer_x86_529.exe8.4 MB

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